Moving Chimera Bookmarks to Safari

Currently, I prefer to use the Chimera browser over Apple’s newly-released Safari browser. Pages just render more consistently in Chimera, password management is a bit more sophisticated, and I like tabbed browsing. I am sure that Safari will get better and better though, and I like to keep an eye on things as they develop. It is a nice browser, and I do like to switch to it now and then.

One thing that has been bugging me is that I could not find a quick and easy way to dump my extensive Chimera bookmark list into Safari. There is a relatively easy way to hack this though, if you don’t mind blowing away your Safari preferences.

First, using the latest nightly build from the Chimera project, I exported my bookmarks using Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks > Export Bookmarks and saved it as Favorites.html. Then I backed up my Internet Explorer Favorites.html file which is found at ~/Library/Preferences/Explorer/Favorites.html and replaced that file with my Chimera export. Then in IE, I used Command + J to edit bookmarks, and renamed the Toolbar Bookmarks folder to Toolbar Favorites. Then made sure that Safari was not running and then blew away it’s preferences at ~/Library/Preferences/ and the entire directory at ~/Library/Safari/. Once I restarted Safari, it re-imported my bookmarks from IE. I could then easily drag and drop all my items into where they belonged within Chimera’s bookmark manager en masse. Most of my bookmarks are kept in folders in the Bookmarks Bar, so it was just a matter of dragging the contents of Imported IE Favorites/Toolbar Favorites over to the Bookmarks Bar collection.

Now I look forward to seeing Safari develop. (Bring on the tabs!)