Thanks to @mrsnap and @bikracer for turning me on to Flock. It seems to like my favorite web developer extensions, namely the Web Developer Toolbar and Firebug, and the social network features are a bonus. I was getting bummed out by Firefox’s incessant crashing, and this browser seems faster, more stable, and has some really interesting features. The user interface is a bit cluttered, although I’m doing it no favors by adding so much cruft on top of it, but other than that it seems pretty fun to use so far.

3 thoughts on “Flock”

  1. Yeah, you know I played with Flock for a while too. I’m quite impressed with the new version (the old one I tried a year or two ago was kind of clunky). Props to the Flock guys for actually adding some value.

    I’ve settled on Safari for my day to day browsing though, so I’m only firing up Firefox and such for Firebug when I’m debugging stylesheets. My G4 powerbook just can’t keep up with Firefox and a bunch of other apps running at once anymore πŸ™

  2. I use Flock almost exclusively now. The only time I use any other browser is to check websites. Flock never crashes and everything loads quickly. Firefox had gotten extremely slow and began crashing all the time.

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