In regards to the story where some U.S. vet cut down the flags where the Mexican flag was flown above the American one in Reno: Did anyone simply ask the business owner to change the flag order before someone sent camera crews and everyone got all hysterical? Maybe go over the federal and state laws with him before having a fit? Just wondering…

Everyone seems so quick to judge and condemn without having a simple dialogue without talking things through these days.

One thought on “Flagging”

  1. I wouldn’t surprise me if the business owner wasn’t aware of the federal flag rules. I find most people aren’t even aware there are rules when the subject comes up in conversation — which seems to be more often than one might think.

    I believe the Oakley sunglasses headquarters in Ontario (California) flies a jolly roger without flying an American flag at all. I’ve also heard they happily pay a federal fine for the privilege to do so.

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