3 thoughts on “Burma shoots journalists”

  1. There is a blogger initiative next week to show WORLDWIDE support for the peaceful protesters in Burma:

    International bloggers are preparing an action to support the peaceful revolution in Burma. We want to set a sign for freedom and show our sympathy for these people who are fighting their cruel regime without weapons. These Bloggers are planning to refrain from posting to their blogs on October 4 and just put up one Banner then, underlined with the words Free Burma!.

    More info and banners here: http://freeburma.stots.de/doku.php

    Thank for supporting and sharing this.

  2. Anug San Suu Kyis connection with the CIA (thru our intelops like DIA officer Col. Robert Helvey) and the Karen insurgency is an open secret:



    And is it a big suprise all this ties back to the American Enterprise Institute, the chief architect of the Iraq war:


    Helvey was an officer of the Defence Intelligence Agency of the Pentagon, who had served in Vietnam and, subsequently, as the US Defence Attache in Yangon, Myanmar (1983 to 85), during which he clandestinely organised the Myanmarese students to work behind Aung San Suu Kyi and in collaboration with Bo Myas Karen insurgent group

    Heres more background on Col Robert Helvey and CIAs agenda to employ non-violent warfare to destablize other countries (the organge/velvet revolutions being the most recent examples):


  3. The above comment reminds me of another issue: China’s support of the Burmese junta and refusal to allow U.N. action against them continues to prolong this problem. China needs to cease propping up this corrupt regime and allow democracy to return.

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