Mixed Messages

Michael Turton makes an excellent point: Why is it that the United States will rebuke Taiwan for supposedly violating the status quo between them and China by asserting their sovereignty with things I would consider entirely peaceful – i.e. requesting Taiwan be admitted into the United Nations or the World Health Organization, while we rebuke them for not purchasing hordes of American-made weaponry, then at the same time delay the sale of weapons already approved to Taiwan, all the while ignoring the fact that China has dozens of nuclear-capable missiles pointed at the island solely for the purpose of threatening to take the island by force? Never mind the fact that we don’t recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation, or that our executive branch has pretty much become the hand puppet of Chinese foreign policy with regards to Taiwan…

In what parallel universe does this make sense?

It seems to me that U.S. foreign policy needs a return to principle-centered leadership. What would a principle-centered policy look like? What would be The Right Thing To Do� What would Jesus do? What would Brian Boitano do? What would you do?

I know what I’d do.