Near Riot

I was just down at the Whole Foods Market in Walnut Creek. It was an interesting scene. Several people were talking to the person who had been updating stock in the beer case. One looked visibly angry, another looked exasperated. What were they asking about?

Gluten-free beer. Specifically, Redbridge. They were all out of Redbridge, and these people were thirsty apparently. The store employee was saying that they hadn’t had any in stock for some time, and even Anheuser-Busch was out so no new deliveries had been coming in.

My god, can you imagine having a business where multiple people show up at the store to get your product and having people get upset when it is unavailable? Probably the limiting factor here is availability of sorghum malt. These guys could probably sell all the beer that they wanted to, if only they could meet demand.

What was also interesting during the trip was the number of people actively seeking out gluten-free products. There were people inspecting the GF breads, the GF pies, the frozen section which was overly-stocked with GF waffles. This time last year, I felt like I was the only person buying this stuff. Now it seems people are walking out with cartloads of the stuff. Is this a business opportunity?

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