Set up XML Schema as XML in TextMate

Odd that this was not set by default, but TextMate did not include XML Schema (.xsd) documents to be recognized as XML. No matter – TextMate is beautifully extensible. This is easy to set using TextMate’s Bundle Editor for this and any other document extension that you’d like to be recognized as XML:

  1. In TextMate, choose Bundles > Bundle Editor > Edit Languages. This filters bundles to only show language options.
  2. In the Bundle Editor, expand the XML category and select the XML language icon.
  3. The second line sets a variable for “fileTypes”. Add .xsd to the comma-separated list.
  4. Close the Bundle Editor and you’re done.

The Bundle Editor in TextMate is a really powerful utility for customizing the handling of any language coding. This is a simple example, but it certainly opens the door to much more customization and functionality.

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