Annapurna’s in ABQ

Annapurna Ayurvedic Cuisine & Chai House in Albuquerque is an excellent little alternative restaurant for gluten-free options, and a wide variety of ’em – Indian, sandwiches, and pastries. And caffeine aplenty. GF pastries – how often do you walk into a cafe with that in the case? If I lived in ABQ, I’d go there almost every morning.

This little cafe is actually two restaurants in one – the Green Light Bistro, which used to be next door, is now a part of Annapurna. For a celiac, this is awesome, because both menus contain a very generous sampling of gluten-free dishes. Mix and match, take your pick. They have dosas, soups, pastries, teff cake (low gluten, not GF), hand cut french fries with homemade dips, and plenty more.

The menus for both Annapurna and Green Light Bistro are entirely vegetarian. The markings on the menu are V for “vegan”, and GF for “gluten-free”. How cool is that? I wound up with this place after googling for “vegetarian” and “gluten-free” because I was planning a lunch with two known vegetarians, and I gotta at least keep an eye out for myself as well. One match came up, and that’s enough for me.

This is a great little meeting spot. We were getting together to discuss the Next Big Thing(tm), and the atmosphere in there seemed comfortable in a way that was somehow conducive to my own intellectual thought and creative energy. (YMMV). I liked the fact that there was free wi-fi, and most tables I saw were MacBook-wielding students frantically working on papers while bobbing their heads to the piped in ragas on the stereo system. I even heard a familiar bit of Zakir Hussein/Hariprasad Chaurasia/John McLaughlin on the hit parade. The staff there was quite helpful in helping me pick out something delicious to eat. It’s nice to have a laid back and comfortable place to retreat to like this – I plan on being back for all my ABQ trips.

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