Today I had my toothpaste confiscated from the airline security people as I went through. They said my toothpaste tube was too big. I pointed out that it was 90% empty, and only a few CCs of product remained in this flattened tube, but they were convinced that this dangerous piece of contraband was too risky.

We live in a very strange world where toothpaste and shampoo are not allowed on airplanes. I already had to take off my jacket, my coat, my belt, and my damn shoes. Now they deny me the ability to conduct basic personal hygiene. Flying is now an exercise in abject humiliation. Being rushed through the line while you fumble for your flight pass and try to get your laptop computer out while throngs of stressed out and impatient travelers and DHS employees watch you practically strip to your underwear. Imagine how much money is spent on placebo airport security. In some sense here, the terrorists have won, because I’m sure they are laughing their asses off at us every time we disrobe at the airport.

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