GF Beer Taste-Off

Let the games begin.

Redbridge vs. Dragon's GoldTonight I compare two leading American gluten-free brews.

I have already posted a small tidbit on Ramapo Honey Beer. I’m not going to review that one here, because it tastes more like mead than beer to me, and it is not in my opinion nearly as tasty as the two varieties that we’re going to compare here.

The two beers we are going to investigate are:

  • Bard’s Tale’s “Dragon’s Gold”
  • Anheuser-Busch’s “Redbridge”

First the Bard’s Tale:

Pours as a nice amber color, with plenty of carbonation and not too much of a head. First taste is cold. Hops seem to be there, but not as prominent as I’d like. I’m comparing this to my first GF beer experience, which was Ramapo Valley’s Honey Beer, and that has almost no hops burst at all. Continuing on with the glass, I find this to have a bit of an almost spicy, hard mouthfeel, with a slightly sweet aftertaste. It is highly drinkable and the flavor of the grain is well brought out in this brew. Oh my god – it tastes like beer! Has notes of buckwheat, honey, and roasted grain. I’ve had this one for a while now, but I’ll repeat that this is a highly drinkable, tasty beer. Reminds me a bit of the M√rzen from Gordon Biersch.

Next the Redbridge:

Redbridge vs. Dragon's GoldPours with a color almost equal to the Bard’s Tale. Carbonation seems about the same, but the bubbles are finer. Taste: Ello govna… Oh my god – yes, yes I think we have the burst effect of real hops. Yes, Hops. Plenty of it. Thank you. A swoop of this beer goes down easier than the Bard’s Tale, with a slightly smoother mouthfeel and an absolutely wonderful flavor. What is shocking to me is the fact that I’m saying this about a beer from Anheuser-Busch, but this is a fine-tasting and hoppy craft brew that I think any beer lover would enjoy.

The summary:

These are both fine beers, and I’d take either one. My nod has to go to Redbridge for the abundant hops flavor and the fact that it really stands it’s own ground against any craft brew out there. And certainly AB has placed an enormous amount of validation into both the gluten-free beer and the craft brew markets by creating this brew.


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