Aceptamos Pesos

A pizza chain has started accepting pesos. Some less than intelligent folks spooked by a raging case of xenophobia felt the need to issue hate mail and death threats to the chain because of their intent to try to increase revenue.

First of all, pesos are foreign currency, no? This means more money flowing in to the United States. OK it’s not a whole lot, but what crazy national policy discourages the spending of foreign dollars on American product? OK, OK, of course there’s that whole trivially-circumvented export control issue for crypto, but there are plenty of reasons for keeping them furinurs from blocking us from reading their email.

Next, I noticed on a business trip to Vancouver BC that there were plenty of businesses that took greenbacks. Pretty convenient, eh? Shove off ya knob.

Most tourist places in Honolulu took Japanese en to cater to the major influx of tourists from the country that bombed the holy bejeezus out of that same city’s harbor. Wah? Wah.

I heard Saddam had a nice billfold of good ol’ American Dollars on him when they found him all scruffy and stuffed in a hole in the desert. Apparently he had more faith in his enemy’s economic system that the Euro. Our cash is good overseas just fine when you’re life’s in danger.

Then there’s all those money exchange places all over American airports. I hear they take just about anybody’s currency. It’s just so… un-American

Anyway, the point of all this is: What’s the point about griping about someone who is actually doing you a favor?