Exporting Censorship

I’ve never been one to believe it’s better to do business in China or anywhere else by bowing to their demands for censorship and oppression than to not do so at all. Apparently many in the UK’s Parliment agree:

UK MPs slam ‘immoral’ Microsoft, Google, Yahoo stance

THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS committee in the UK House of Commons has laid into Google, Microsoft and Yahoo for collaborating with Chinese authorities to censor and police the Internet.

The committee pointed to Microsoft’s portal which blocks the use of the word “freedom”, Yahoo for fingering journo Shi Tao, who was then arrested and thrown into a Chinese clink, and to Google for introducing a “self censoring” version of its website in the country.

Turning a blind eye to evil only creates more evil. Pretending like this is going to get better over time is like pretending your kid is going to stop throwing temper tantrums by rewarding them with the toy that they are screaming over. It doesn’t work that way.

Our chief exports should not be the tools that enable censorship. How do you want to be remembered in history books? Do you want to be the guy who sold censorship to China, or do you want to be the guy that stood up and said “No”?