Transamerican Fog

The fog returned here today after two weeks of record-breaking heat. It hit 112∫ here last weekend, and higher in other parts of the Bay Area. This morning I awoke to the nice familiar chill of the fog layer creeping inland and cooling our hillside with it’s mist and shade and the smell of the sea. This makes me happy – I like the fog, but heat and I don’t get along so well.

I don’t know how anyone can deny global warming at this point. With the record-setting temperatures in Europe and North America, record hurricane seasons, and massive, state-sized chunks of the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica breaking off, not to mention all that scientific data showing year-over-year temperature increases.

Many of the plants in our back yard are burnt to a crisp from all the sun and hot air. I might be able to save them, but it’s looking grim, and I’m not a plant person.

Normally, Summer isn’t so bad here in the East Bay. Fog from the Pacific creeps in and hangs over us until mid morning, burns off by noon, we get some nice warm summer temps in the 80s or 90s for midday, and then the fog rolls in again in the evening so we can get a little sleep. But when it’s still 104∫ at midnight, sleep is elusive. Welcome back, Fog.