Obsession and Greed

Bush says that an Iraqi attack could cripple the U.S. economy.

News flash for you Dubyah: the U.S. economy is already pretty much crippled, and has pretty much been on a downward spiral since the day you bumbled your way in to office. Making statements such as this will make the U.S. economy even more fragile by instilling a further sense of fear about the issue into the public. The cost of such a war would bring the U.S. economy down even further, as Bush’s own budget team was predicting that a war with Iraq would cost at least $50 billion!

This transparent obfuscation from the White House to attempt getting the public to buy in to Bush’s desire to carry out his personal vendetta. The U.S. has far more urgent situations arising from continued al Qaida terrorists and North Korean nukes at the moment. Bush is fixated on Iraq and needs to take a step back to reassess national priorities.

When asking oneself why Bush is so enfatuated with invading Iraq, to the point of weakening the pursuit of al Qaida terrorists and slighting the situation with North Korean nuclear arms development, one only has to look as far as Bush and Cheney’s energy backgrounds and the vast untapped oil reserves beneath Iraq’s soil.