I finally bought a TextMate license today. This is a pretty slick code editor.

I’ve used Dreamweaver for 80% of the code editing I do, supplemented with 15% of my work in BBEdit and the occasional 5% writing C++ in Xcode or deciphering complex rats nests in CSSedit. As I’ve learned more and more about TextMate, I find myself going to it more often.

The main reason I see myself gravitating towards it is because it does handle all the languages I work in: XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and so on, and it handles them well and in an integrated way similar to Dreamweaver.

Some of the features are really addictive too. Simple little things, like creating a tag set by typing, say “li” and then Ctrl+<, which creates a list item tag in XHTML, or typing anything with that keystroke for any XML tag for that matter.

Vertical selections are cool eye candy, but if I’m doing that then I’m always questioning why I’m putting so many redundant lines of code together like that, and then I start looking for a more concise way to implement the same thing…

I don’t see the other editors disappearing from my workflow, but TextMate definitely has it’s place and I see it competing with Dreamweaver for the primary default code editor spot.