Rite of Spring

This video is a fine reenactment of one of the greatest moments in music history. When the Rite of Spring premiered in Paris in 1913, the audience argued, fought, and eventually broke out into a riot. I cannot think of a more wonderful thing to happen at a premiere – it would be the clearest indicator possible that you have created your masterpiece, that you have changed the world forever:

The BBC seems to have done a wonderful job of recreating the original choreography. I saw Joffrey do the original Nijinsky choreography back in 1990, and this was pretty close to what I remembered seeing back then.

3 thoughts on “Rite of Spring”

  1. Joe, I saw the Joffrey’s reconstruction of the “RIte of Spring” at the Kennedy Center. The story of the riot at the 1913 premiere is one of my favorites. I always tell it to anyone who thinks classical music is dull and only for bloodless, passionless people.

  2. Hey Sheri!

    I totally agree. Classical music should be thought of as quite the opposite of dull, and this case is an excellent example.

  3. In fact, often it is popular music that is dull – the same old chord progressions, same few key signatures, and same boring rhythmic patterns. (Not all pop music, of course, and certainly not most jazz….)
    Also, usually there is not the same beauty and sensuousness of sound such as there is with the full variety of orchestral instruments. And, of course, as soon as some guy or gal starts singing out of tune, I don’t care how good the guitarist or whatever is. You’ve lost me.
    OK, done with my musical snob rant LOL.
    (The movie’s very funny! I liked the dude who looked like Diagalev – did you know that some think he actually planned the riot himself?)

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