Of hot lemons, roasted chicken, and food networks

A fellow blogger and gluten-refugee wrote of being
filmed for a day on the Food Network. Exciting. And I’m glad to see our plight get some national exposure. But more importantly, she offers us her banner recipe for what sounds like one of the most delicious-sounding roasted chickens I’ve ever read. And I post my comments on this mostly to garishly remind myself to give this a try this weekend. It’s just the way she describes some of the juicy details:

At the last moment, throw the garlic cloves into the cavity of the chicken, then slide the hot lemon in. […] Because the lemon is already hot before you begin cooking, it releases its juices into the chicken immediately, making it extraordinarily juicy.

Last Thanksgiving I had used Alton Brown’s recipe for brine turkey, and it was incredible. There is nothing quite as tasty as properly-cooked poultry from inspired recipes.