Beer-loving celiacs – you know who you are – have been beggin’ God for mercy and weepin’ in unholy places for the chance to sip a pint of ale again.

I’ve been seeing more and more buzz around upcoming gluten-free ales, and it looks as though salvation may be at hand:

And a gluten-free beer festival:

Gluten Free Beer Festival

What is painfully obvious in doing research on Google is that the UK definitley has the lead on GF ales, and the USA is way behind, but ready to catch up. A contact from a local microbrew supply shop informed me that his supplier now carries sorghum malt and rice malt, so it should be a matter of time before homebrew kits start appearing too.

Now if I headed off to the store right now, there would be no GF beers to be found on the shelves. But that should be changing as early as this summer, as Bard’s Tale completes it’s new distribution plan and goes national, and some of the other breweries start to catch on. Developments will be closely watched and posted by this intrepid, humble blogger.

One thought on “Salvation”

  1. Gluten Intolerance Group is working on tentative plans to hold a Gluten Free Beer Festival in Seattle.

    Tentative Details:
    When: October 28, 2006
    Time: 2 pm to 6 pm
    Place: Seattle, WA

    However we need to gage the level of attendance we can expect in order to be sure expenses can be covered for this non profit event.

    So here is where you come in check the date, talk to friends and let me know what level of interest is out there. A decision will be made based on the number of responses received as to whether to move forward with ticket sales this year or wait until next.

    So please respond by 8/31/06 to and forward this information on to your friends so they can respond too!

    On behalf of G.I.G., Cynthia Kupper and myself Cheers

    Greg Parsons

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