Gluten-free without compromise

GF Dinner No.1

This is the first of what I hope to be at least a weekly event: Cooking. Lately I’ve been a slacker in the kitchen. My last attempt at cooking got me banished from the kitchen all together, so this is my redemption song:

New York Steak with Baked Potato and Grilled Broccoli

The steaks were choice New York strips, cut nice and thick, and marinated in balsamic vinegar, Bordeaux wine (a bottle I didn’t care for drinking, so it got demoted to cooking wine), a little chili powder, and about four cloves of fresh crushed garlic. I topped it with a little butter after I took the photo.

The baked potato is a full-size Russet, and is topped with butter, sour cream, crumbled honey/pepper bacon, and seared green onions.

The broccoli crowns were smothered in crushed garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

I put the steaks in the top rack of my oven and set it to convection broil at 450F, and set the broccoli on the bottom rack on a piece of aluminum foil. I nuked the potatoes in the microwave until they were mostly done, and then put them in the oven next to the broccoli to let the skins dry out and develop some crispiness.

Then I poured a nice tall glass of Kendall Jackson 2003 Sonoma Cabarnet Sauvignon. (Not pictured)

Now that’s a Happy MealѢ!

Dedicated to all the GF bloggers out there that were kind enough to post comments or send emails, and their blog postings filled with inspiring comments and recipe ideas. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Gluten-free without compromise”

  1. Good for you! Embracing the gluten free life! We had a very similar dinner tonight, except I burned the hell out of the steaks. First time using the outdoor BBQ grill in awhile, and I forgot how powerful it is:). Oh well, we were able to salvage some of the meat. The only thing I would suggest is that you look into the balsamic vinegar. I’m still on the fence about whether it’s GF or not. I suppose it depends on what kind of balsamic vinegar you’re using. I was told that some vinegars made in Europe are aged in barrels that have been coated with flour. Therefore, how do you know which ones are safe? I’m open to your thoughts about that, as I used to make a kickass balsamic dressing and I miss it like crazy.

  2. Good point. I’ll check that out. So far though I feel fine, excellent actually, and I was using the organic store brand of balsamic vinegar from Whole Foods Market.

  3. I emailed the comopany that makes the balsamic vinegar I used to use (something like Montari Feredzoni) and they replied saying that it is gluten free. So, we are now eating my special secret salad dressing again. I missed it! Glad it’s back in my repertoire of recipes.

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