Linux Test

I figured it was time to test desktop Linux. Suffice to say that some things still need to be worked out with the new MacBook Pros, and I am too stubborn to run Windows. A slightly used HP OmniBook happened upon my way, and I figured what the heck.

My first crack at it was a RedHat distribution. It worked well enough, but the install was 4 CDs, and it didn’t impress me for some reason, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I realized I wanted something different, and found this: handy little Linux distribution chooser to help me make a decision. And it guided me to Kubuntu. I ultimately chose Kubuntu because of the K desktop and the Konqueror web browser’s association with Mac OS X’s Safari browser. (Using Konqeror as I type…)

So far so good. Well I should preface that by saying that the initial installation did not go so well. After multiple tries to get a DHCP network connection going, I gave up, because there was a glaring bug that was not permitting me to modify my ethernet settings. I reinstalled just once more and things went so much better the second time around.

I’ll probably switch over to this machine from time to time, just for fun. I see one thing now very clearly though, after installing and running Linux for a couple of days now: I really appreciate the ease of use and power of Mac OS X. But this desktop environment isn’t totally horrible. I’d have to say it’s at least more comfortable to use than Windows. I have a lot of things to figure out though.

On the other hand, remind me never to buy an HP laptop. This thing is like having a slab of flagstone with a power cord attached. Sorry…