Censor Stone

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Stones rock full crowd in China

Ahead of the concert on Saturday, the Chinese government asked that the band not play the songs Brown Sugar, Honky Tonk Woman, Beast of Burden and Let’s Spend the Night Together because of their suggestive lyrics.

Authorities reportedly later added another track to the list, Rough Justice from the Bigger Bang album.

Lead singer Sir Mick Jagger said the band were not worried by the censorship and had fully expected it.

“Fortunately, we have 400 more songs that we can play so it’s not really an issue,” said Sir Mick.

Wow, check out Sir Mick! What a change in attitude a trip to China makes. Seems like just yesterday they were complaining about the Super Bowl Incident. Even the BBC’s attitude seems more relaxed. What is happening?

Two things:

  1. The USA’s right-wing-controlled media institutions are not that much different from China when it comes to censorship. Land of the free, indeed.
  2. Censorship is ugly, no matter where it occurs.