Music Teachers: Fraud Alert

There is a new scam going around that targets music teachers. The assholes trawl Craigslist and other sites looking for independent private music teachers to rip off. Basically they pretend to be sending a child from another country to the your location to study, vacation or whatever, and they want to set them up with music lessons while they’re in town. They then send you a supposed check which invariably turns out to be way too much money, they mention they sent too much, and just ask you to deposit the check and send them a refund. Of course the check is fraudulent, and you wind up sending them free money and getting in trouble at the same time.

Yingwen got one of these today and luckily she saw some earlier reports posted on Craigslist that resembled the pattern. Some of the obvious signs are:

  • Email is from another country sending a child to your town.
  • Spelling, punctuation, grammar is crap.
  • Name of sender is totally improbable

More info:

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