Bad signs?

A mild earthquake once in a while is no big deal and kind of entertaining; just an opportunity for some excitement and jokes about land surfing.

Two earthquakes in one day, in close proximity to each other, can make me stop and think about them.

Having both of those earthquakes centered right underneath my feet can make me think and think and think about them.

We had two earthquakes today. Not too bad, both about 3.9-ish. But, according to the USGS website, both of these boys were centered right where I live. Freakin’ Dios mio. One of these days California is just going to fall into the sea. Hopefully the forces of nature will at least have the decency to make it happen just to the west of my house, so that I can finally have that beachfront property I’ve always wanted.

The first one woke me up. It was just a quick jolt, enough to get me out of bed and go search for coffee. The one later on was brief, a bit milder, and more of a roll than a bump.

I used that opportunity to train the family in earthquake preparedness. No that does not mean I ran out of the house in my pajamas shrieking and sobbing like a little girl. I just showed everyone where the safe spots in the house were in case of a big one, and what kinds of supplies to keep stored: Dry and canned foods, bottled water, matches, camping equipment, beer, and the like. For detailed information on how to prepare for and react to an earthquake, check the FEMA earthquake hazards page.

I just love living in California