The end of the infernal daily links

It was cool to have post daily links to my blog, but the experiment is over. I didn’t like the fact that I had no control over the title, or the fact that it was posting daily and not on some more infrequent basis. My blog obviously was beginning to turn into a steady stream of automated link posts, which doesn’t look good. Even if I could make the posts appear less frequently, like once per week, then the problem is that the links become stale. I needed to get my links back into the sidebar, and updated in real time.

If you look over to the right (in the current design) you will see the links over there all bright and shiny now. I did this by using an XSL transformation to convert my RSS feed on the server via PHP. It shows the top ten nodes from that feed with title properties that show the description, dc:subject, and dc:date nodes.

And now I can go back to abusing