Wingnuts Over Colorado

PlaybillArts: News: Colorado Music Teacher Defends Screening of Faust Video

The controversy began after Waggoner, who teaches elementary, middle and high school students at the K-12 school in a small town about 25 miles east of Denver, tried to pique the curiosity of the first, second, and third graders in one of her classes about opera. She chose a video of Gounod’s Faust (which she found on the classroom shelf) to teach the children about bass and tenor voices, the use of props, and “trouser roles” in opera.

The latter, she says, led to accusations that the married mother of two was a lesbian promoting homosexuality; the plot of Faust, where the title character sells his soul to the devil to recapture his youth, led to her being labeled a devil worshipper.

What a bunch of lunatics. The shocking details of this article don’t stop there, so read on. If these people can’t tell the difference between teaching music and lesbian devil worship, then they certainly shouldn’t be allowed to vote, much less procreate.

Link found at The Rest is Noise.