Overdue post on December

So lazy on the blogging front this month. But it’s been busy and there’s been little time to think about der blög.

First of all – my birthday fell once again on December 11. Strange how that always happens on the same day. Anyway, I made it to 3.8 decades so I suppose I should feel lucky that I made it this far, and that I haven’t surpassed that big round 4.0 yet. We had a small but wonderful party at my house with just a few of my closest friends that go way back, and everyone bought food. Michael and Rochelle’s salsa and queso dip was my favorite. I can’t describe how yummy it was, but it went in the oven and got all mixed together as people hit on it, and I gotta get a copy of that recipe one day…

Presentation at InterlabThe following week was spent at the InterLab 2005 conference, where I had a short bit on XHTML/CSS layouts. It went well, but I’ve had a lot of practice doing this show over the past year. this time I only had 45 minutes as opposed to the usual hour and a half that I give to the lecture, so for the first time I actually practiced the bit and tried to combine talking and writing code at the same time. I think I only went a minute or two over. Washington that week was a very cold place – we were hitting lows of about 20ºF all week, and most of the smaller creeks and ponds were frozen solid. Very pretty though.

Somewhere last month I began the process of redesigning the presentation of this weblog. It is coming along but again there’s little time to work on such frivolities. The goals are to produce as lightweight and flexible standards-based layout that makes room for things like book and music recommendations as well as the usual categories, blogroll, links, and other goodies. The current layout is based on the default Kubrick hypertext from WordPress and my own stylesheet, but I intend to completely redo both in the next cycle. Given the current rate of progress, look for it sometime in 2007.

Xmas was fun – the kids seemed to have a blast with everything. Max sang in the children’s choir at Yingwen’s church and I gave a horrific rendition of a Bach prelude on guitar – succumbed to a profound lack of sleep and a long stretch without any public solo performance, and my brain just floated away in the middle of the piece somewhere…. 😉 I’m off this whole week. In-between family trips and dinners, I’ll be reading some PHP books and doing some serious music practicing. And that pretty much wraps up the month! Cheers!

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  1. Thanks, Matt!

    Stained glass, perhaps. Or maybe it’s that Sunday mornings are biologically reserved for sleeping off hangovers. Seriously though, those church gigs are indeed a great way to grab a forgiving audience so that one can work out their performance bugs and their nerves on a regular basis.

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