Historic church with beautiful acoustics

Nice article about my aunt and uncle’s efforts to preserve one of the last buildings left from Preston Ranch – it’s church:
Cloverdale site testament to religious leader, healer

The acoustics in that church are supreme for classical and folk instruments. The room is 100% seasoned wood paneling, giving it perfect resonance with the instrument. The church itself is quite cozy and very beautiful inside. The old Seth Thomas clock in the tower there has been running since I first saw it in the 1970s, and it’s an amazing piece of machinery.

The ranch mentioned in the article is a place where I spent many weekends and summers. It was there that I began studying flamenco guitar with the great Chris Carnes – although I’ve mostly let the flamenco chops slide in lieu of more classical technique lately. I should do something about that one of these days, but I have too many hobbies and responsibilities as it is…