Bass quartet at Zeke’s Gallery

I found this today in my Technorati subscription: Zeke’s Gallery: More from the archives – The Double Bass Quartet

Check out the recording. The opening piece is pretty cool sounding. Nice to hear a double bass quartet doing a regular appearance somewhere!

My favorite is of course Gunther Schuller’s work “Quartet for Basses”. We did that one back at NEC – and hello to Michael, Nancy, and Todd if you all read this some day… πŸ˜‰

One thought on “Bass quartet at Zeke’s Gallery”

  1. Hi guys,The positive thing of being in Rome and occasionally having a little nostalgia of what is going on back home in Montreal is that with internet one is able to check things out and since I was on the web and found your Bass Quartet site,what a nice surprise to start with and then to hear what you are up too with this project put a smile on my face. Anyway happy to hear that something creative is happening with this group. Congratulations and all the best to ya’ll. Ron Seguin

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