Zend/PHP Conference, Days 1 & 2

I’ve been here the past couple of days at the Zend PHP conference in Burlingame. Quite a good show all around so far. This is the first event of a planned annual series, and from what I hear the attendance has greatly exceeded expectations. Looking forward to many more of these.

Yesterday I attended an all-day refresher session given by Marco Tabini. This was actually a really helpful session – reviewing all the basic nuts and bolts of PHP to provide myself with a more well-rounded understanding of all that hacking I’ve been doing over the past few years.

Did get to briefly talk with Chris Shiflett to discuss some security-related issues as well as get his take on PHP books. His own book Essential PHP Security is due out any day. Looking forward to his presentation this coming Friday morning.

The nice thing about this event has been it’s relatively small size, and the openness of the people that are attending. I have met a bunch of really cool, really intelligent PHP developers, and was able to discuss some real meaningful issues at a high level.

Today was a full day of breakout sessions and keynotes. I think my brain is reaching capacity for now. Thankfully it’s about time to wind down to open the exhibit booths and get some free snacks and libations.