Fake blogs ruin Technorati

The number of fake blogs out there are absolutely clogging up Technorati’s search results for the phrase double bass.

I used to like to run a search now and then to find out what bloggers had to say on my favorite instrument. Most of the results came back as mentions from jazz recordings, rock drummers practicing double pedal techniques, or high school students lamenting something annoying about their school orchestra. (Like “Terry in the double bass section won’t talk to me anymore.”) Factor in the word “contrabass” and you get more useless results like “contrabass saxophone” that need to be filtered out. I enjoy a good rant about contrabass saxophones as much as the next guy, but hey I just don’t have the time…

But once in a while, you come across something interesting. Take for instance this one. Or this one. Real bassists with real thoughts. And with a bit of creative filtering, you can get all the unrelated posts filtered out, so you aren’t hearing about other instruments that happen to include the word “contrabass”, talk about rock drumming, or even some of the typical posting things that the tragic youth will use, such as l33t h@x0r t3xt. (Thankfully, only the stringed double bass instrument is called a contrabass by itself.- the others use the word as a modifier, such as contrabass flute, contrabass clarinet, and so on.)

But every week it seems to get harder and harder to find the real posts on Technorati, because of the explosion of fake weblogs that use scripts to post tons and tons of random keywords. So now when I try to search for the phrase “double bass” on Technorati, I get this nonsense.

Thanks, assholes!

Update: Here’s a slightly better filter.