Spam Stats

Some fun spam statistics from my favorite spam filtration system, SpamSieve.

Filtered Mail
6609 Good Messages
60169 Spam Messages (90%)
97 Spam Messages Per Day

97 sets of wasted electrons, straight to the trash, every day. Wow.

SpamSieve Accuracy
47 False Positives
157 False Negatives (77%)
99.7% Correct

Really it’s probably closer to 99.99%. SpamSieve stopped making any mistakes months, if not over a year ago, and that number is just the holdover from when I was actively training it. I can’t remember the last time I found a good message lying in the dung heap.

815 Good Messages
1584 Spam Messages (66%)
98085 Total Words

692 Blocklist Rules
1379 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
1/28/04 1:12 PM

Not bad. Approaching almost two years of being spam free. It’s interesting to think that before that date, my primary email address was almost entirely untouched by the damned vermin.

I once took a job interview for a small business up in Walnut Creek. The guy actually asked me in the interview if I could write a script that would comb through some newsgroups and message boards to harvest email addresses. No, dude, no. As in “I’d rather have a nice, long, slow root canal” no.