Risen from the ashes

I am hammering away at the keyboard on my ressurrected old PowerBook. I picked him up today from the good folks at Mac & PC Repairs in San Leandro, where they transplanted the motherboard with a refurbished one.

Now we have an Oct. 2003 1 GHz 12″ PowerBook, with the following upgrades:

  • AirPort WiFi card – added at the time of purchase
  • 1.25 GB RAM – added at Macworld 2004 after the cruddy extra 256 MB that came with the machine failed.
  • Mac OS X 10.4 – installed a few days after it was released. Come to think of it, did this one ship with 10.2?
  • A Traditional Chinese replacement keyboard – special ordered from Taiwan
  • A replacement battery
  • The current 100 MB Toshiba hard drive, which I have to add is running nice and quiet, nice and fast, and I’ve got 56.26 GB of free disk space available as of this writing.
  • The refurbished motherboard.

OK so we’re good to go. This machine has been through a lot of crap, but really has worked out great. As an ultra-portable coder machine, it’s tops – although sometimes I admit I kind of wish I had one of the 15″ ones when working in Dreamweaver. But on my last flight to ABQ, and all that time when I was riding BART, I remember why I went for the more compact version.

Damn, it’s good to be mobile again! This machine should last me at least a couple more years, well enough into Apple’s Intel migration to let them work out any of the early kinks that might arise before I get my next one.