DIW, hosed, deceased

Well it turns out I hosed my motherboard when trying to upgrade my own PowerBook hard drive. The problem occurred when I was trying to unplug the power button line from it’s socket in the motherboard. The socket was fused, and eventually I just pulled the whole damn thing off. Apparently this isn’t the kind of operation that you can go and just solder something back on. It’s damaged beyond repair and the motherboard needs replacing. Since the cost of a new PB G4 12″ is just a tad more than the cost of the repair job, I’m going to give this soldier a proper burial and donate it’s organs to a new host. The plan? Find a nice used or low end 12″ G4 PowerBook with the updated 64 MB VRAM (the old one had only 32 MB) and give it the new 100 GB hard drive and the extra GB of RAM.

In the meantime, I’m using a borrowed old Blueberry 350 MHz iMac. Suprisingly, Panther is not too horrid on this machine. Wish I could give it the Tiger update, but this thing only has a slot-loading CD.

2 thoughts on “DIW, hosed, deceased”

  1. You have *completely* convinced me why I am not installing myself the hard disk upgrade for my PowerBook. I’ve got 2+ years of AppleCare remaining, no need to void a warranty, or hose my machine! The $75-100 to get a new hard disk installed is suddenly a bargain…

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