Albuquerque Instrument Scene

I went over to Robertson’s Violins in Albuquerque this afternoon after work. They have some very nice instruments. Played one bass that just sounded amazing, and was just about the easiest bass to play that I’ve ever tried. And it was approaching 7/8ths size, which is typically considered a bit on the big size for us regular humans. Huge, booming sound. If I heard him correctly, it was offered at $65,000. To be honest, it sounded and played like it was worth every penny. It had one of Robertson’s trademark low C extensions, and the bass sounded like a Harley when hitting that note.

I played a number of bows, which was the real interesting part. I tried out several by Reid Hudson and they were nice. But what really impressed me was a bow by Jean Grunberger. The balance on this bow was incredible. String crossings, spiccato, sustain, everything about it was twice as easy with this bow compared to any of the others. I am amazed at the difference. The bows I tried were priced from around $2,300 to $4,500, and this one was at the top end of that range. We’ll have to save our pennies!

On the way back to the hotel, I saw a Guitar Center. Aw what the hell…. I went in to see if they had any decent classical guitars. Nope! They had one Ramirez that actually felt soggy, and everything else sounded like rubber bands strung across a cigar box. I think they had been sitting on the wall too close to the humidifier for too long. I left real quick.