The world looks different at night

Switching back and forth between daylight savings time and standard time is always a disruption. This time I was really getting in to my after-work mountain bike riding, only to have it suddenly go dark on me by 6 PM after they changed the clocks on us again last Sunday.

So I got myself a set of Nite-Hawk lights for my bike. This is pretty rad – lights up the whole road very nicely. Check ’em out!

Everything seems so different when you ride at night. I seem to hear things and smell things differently. Everything looks different – not sure how to describe it. Mysterious, nostalgic, primitive, trippy… it’s all in there. When it is ice cold outside and the stars are shining like crytals, there’s no people about, and all you can hear is the breeze, the ride sort of becomes this unique transcendental experience.