On the road

After years of avoiding business travel, I finally now find myself in the blissful womb of Oakland International Airport, awaiting a fun filled cattle car excursion to the great American Southwest.

The first thing I’m noticing here in Oaktown ‘Port is that three of us, in a row, were asked to open our PowerBooks for our illustrious Department of Homeland Security. There we were, three otherwise unrelated strangers, showing off our technology to The Man. It was interesting to see the swabs that were used to sniff for whatever it is they sniff for, passing the tissue in to a little slot for analysis.

This airport is hot and sweaty, and not in a good way. There is no A/C going on in here. But there are some really big fans that do a great job of pushing everyone’s funkiness all around. Mmmm, tangy! Something about this airport reminds me of Wal-Mart. Or more specifically, the people at Wal-Mart. I can’t quite place my finger on it… not that I’d want to.

My bluetooth settings on this machine seem to have gotten clobbered somewhere along the way. I vaguely remember the frustrating phone calls to SBC when I was trying to get my DSL set up in the new house. I may, may, have deleted all my various network profiles, one of which surely contained my bluetooth phone prefs. Crap. Well the good news is that I had the foresight to make sure that I had some PHP5 and MySQL installed locally. I was able to try out some more code examples from the book I’m reading. (Jim – I’ll be in touch!)

Later, somewhere over the Sierra foothills…

When we took a deep right turn over Alameda, I got a good view of some of the East Bay. For instance, that excavation pit on the hillside on the east side of Oakland off of 580 is as ugly from the air as it is from the ground. The hills between Oakland and the 680 corridor are gorgeous though.

I could see our new house. We flew almost right over it, just north enough so I had a clear view. Thank you Google Maps.

My new PowerBook battery is holding out well. That’s good. Speaking of which, everyone on this flight is PowerBook. No cruddy Dell’s, Toshibas, or Vaios, and not even an iBook in sight. It’s all silver PBs here mostly the 12″ variety like mine but there’s at least two 15″ users in the house too. I thought it was a freak occurrence when I went through security, but now I see that it’s a thing. It’s a little weird. Last time I was flying regularly, I was always the only PowerBook user in sight. But that was five years ago…

Later, over Las Vegas…

Las Vegas looks hilarious from the sky at night. It is still trying to grab your attention even for us way up here. You can see all the flashy blinky lighty thingies all along the strip. From way up here, the place looks like it has a pulse.


I am in my hotel room in deepest, darkest jungles of Albuquerque. This is indeed the Land of EnchantmentѢ. Good night, world!

2 thoughts on “On the road”

  1. I enjoyed your travel post! Air travel is a great opportunity to test out your tech gizmos, and compare them with others’. What did people do on airplanes before iBooks, iPods, etc.?

    “I cant quite place my finger on itĶ not that Id want to.” – nice!

  2. Before gadgets, people probably read primitive newspapers and books, or engaged in the primal behavior of conversation. 😀

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