Mobile Again

I picked up a new battery for my PowerBook G4 12", this time replacing the stock Apple one that had reached the end of it’s life with a NewerTechnology NuPower model. This one claims 4500mAh and 53.3 Watt-Hours, a tad higher value than the stock 50-watt-hour units that ship with this model of PowerBook. That old battery died after a noticeable decline in performance over the last three months or so. It lived from October of 2003 until then, which is a bit short. Hopefully this 3rd party battery will have a better lifespan.

This battery recommends an initial calibration cycle of letting it fully charge for over 12 hours, and then letting it drain the battery all the way through, and that it may take up to five charges to fully calibrate itself. So I’m on the back patio running photos through filters in Photoshop and listening to iTunes to keep the CPU chugging along.

At any rate, it is nice to be untethered again, to be able to enjoy the full range of the awesome WiFi coverage I’m getting here on the home network. I can sit anywhere in this house, from the 3rd floor loft to where I’m currently sitting in the back patio, and I have full strength signal. It was much worse in the old place too much metal in the walls or maybe a denser floorplan or something.