We are all moved in to our new pad. Oh my god my legs are tired, my arms are sore, and I am so totally exhausted.

View from my loft.I finally have a dedicated practice room/office space. I have my desk set up, my bass in the corner and the guitar next to it. I’m set up in the loft, technicaly a 3rd floor, and it has a nice view of the Tassajara and Diablo foothills. I can hear the kids having a screaming contest down in the kitchen on the first floor. It’s a nice, distant, faded sound from up here… 😉 This is a great spot to practice ��� nice and quiet, can keep the instruments out at all times, a desk for things like metronomes and rosin, a bookshelf full of my music and books available at arm’s reach, and my computer for writing little practice timer scripts and for blogging about it all. And a nice view for inspiration. I can really get some practicing done here…

The backyard is cute. It is laid down with flagstone and has a nice little pond with goldfish. Not koi mind you – just nice tiny little goldfish. I think the koi would quickly outgrow the size of this pond.

Max has his room all set up now. I put together his bunk bed and Yingwen set up all his shelves and toys. It looks really cool actually ��� the kid has his own damn walk-in closet.

The living room and formal dining area are right there as you walk in the front door. We have the piano set up in the corner and are thinking about a new dining room table set.

Damn, it’s good to be home…