jojolewis on AIM is dead, long live me at mac dot com.

I let my AOL account die today. I had been paying them $5 per month for the barest of bare-bones accounts since I think sometime in the late 1990s. Of course, I had the same screen name since 1996, which was ‘jojolewis’. So that is now deactivated, in case you were trying to ping me. My new AIM screen name is through my .Mac account. Contact me and I’ll get you the new one, or you can just try my first name and last name (one word, 8 characters)

All the old web stuff is being archived and moved to this server, at least that which is worth keeping as weblog entries, some pics will move to Flickr, and I’ll let the useless junk evaporate. That old stuff had been online since 1997 and it’s how I learned HTML in the first place. Ciao to you, old hat.