Exploring that podcast doohickey

No, I’m not talking about dabbling in doing my own podcast. I’m way more behind the times than that. Yesterday was my first experience with actually downloading and listening to one.

Well three to be exact.

My goal was to see if I could quickly find and download some new content, stick it on a CD, and listen to it for my drive in to San Francisco last night for my weekly orchestra rehearsal. I wanted to find something about technology, something about food, and something about music.

The food and music things were easy – I found a nice reasource at SFGate that had several great entries. I found a nice entry on dim sum and a piece on Jazz jam sessions at Amnesia. Finally I found a great show from Pro PHP for the technology component, and I was good to go.

Most of the time when driving in my car, I like to listen to music off my iPod. But now and then I like to get some news and information, and this way of picking my content is much more interesting than the parade of over-simplified content and constant commercials from AM radio.

2 thoughts on “Exploring that podcast doohickey”

  1. Good to see you’ve taken to listening to podcasts! I meant to start my own while I was on sabbatical but too much traveling around caused me to become lazy while I was at home πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the tip about the PHP podcast, I’ve yet to listen to a technology based podcast because frankly, I don’t need more techno babble in my life :p

    Peace dude!

  2. I have decided I love it. Radio is dead; long live podcasting. I’ve actually gotten into the habit of taking the iPod out of the car now and creating a playlist exclusively for the recent selections, and I’m digging the stuff from Pro PHP and SFGate. If you start your own channel, I’ll tune in.

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