Battery Death

O sweet maiden, taken from us in her blossoming youth. How we shall miss you.

The battery in my PowerBook (1 GHz G4, 12″, October 2003) lasted a whole 15 minutes tonight, from full charge to complete breakdown without warning. I’m calling this one. Time of death: 8:15 PM. We probably could have dragged this one out, but that wouldn’t have been the merciful thing to do. She’s dead, Jim.

And what is up with the wireless signal after upgrading to 10.4? I am consistently getting poor reception after that upgrade. Maybe the antenna wiggled itself loose or something. Or maybe that thing is dying too.

And by the way, I am down below 1 GB of free disk space again. I have already uninstalled every damn game I own but the constant creep of music files is overpowering this poor pathetic lap warmer. I wish I could hold out for one of these, but “early next year” is a bit of a showstopper. I may have to settle for a 100G for now.

Damn computers.