New pad!

We scored. After searching a little over a year in the insanity of the Bay Area housing market, we finally went into a contract on a new home. I am too psyched about this.

The place itself is around 2000 square feet, more or less depending on if you count the carpeted attic space, and the master bedroom has loft space which is perfect for setting up as my practice/office corner. The carpeted attic storage space is right behind the loft, so it just screams for all the sheet music, networking junk, and office equipment to be stowed away out of sight in there. It has a formal dining, living, family, kitchen, and finally, a 2 car garage. The living area is a perfect space for Yingwen’s piano teaching. There is a patio in the back with a little pond, which is just totally cool. No doubt Max will spend hours in front of that thing, trying to catch minnows or whatever. The location is close to lots of good amenities, excellent schools, and it shaves off at least ten minutes off my commute time. Schwing!

And it’s within reasonable range of my favorite mountain biking trail. Now I just need to get up off my lazy butt and get riding again — the loop between the new place and the top of that trail should be about 1 full hour of punishment so it’s perfect for after work, and the trail itself is a good inlet and trainer for the rest of the Mt. Diablo trail structure, including the summit. I’m outta shape, so we’ll have to make the full monty of getting back to the summit more of a year-end type of goal…