Developing a practice plan

Way back, when I was practicing 4, 8, or even sometimes 12 hours per day, I used to write up these detailed practice plans to plan my practice time into the most efficient patterns possible. I’d break sections of music and exercises down into increments and plan for strict observance of frequent breaks and stretching to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

These days, I’m lucky if I have a full hour on weekdays to practice, and weekends seem to be good for putting in a few serious hours in. Now that I’m back into a regular practicing habit, I feel the need to make sure I’m covering all the stuff I am able to in the limited time space. Enter the return of the practice schedule.

This tends to evolve from week to week, or even day to day. So it’s interesting to me that I record here what I’m doing now and see how it changes in a few months…

Double Bass

  • 10 minutes: Scales/intonation
  • 5 minutes: break
  • 20 minutes: Petracchi exercises
  • 5 minutes: break
  • 30 minutes: Excerpts (currently Dvo≈�√�k and Trout quintets, Rossini duo, and L’histoire du soldat)
  • 10 minutes: break
  • 50 minutes: Bach Cello Suite No.3


  • 10 minutes: Giuliani right hand exercises
  • 15 minutes: 100 Graded Classical Guitar Studies book
  • 5 minutes: break
  • 45 minutes: Bach Lute Suite in E Minor
  • 5 minutes: break
  • 15 minutes: Beethoven/Moonlight
  • 15 minutes: Flamenco

The lists are in order of priority and fail over: If I don’t have time to finish all of it, I still get some basic daily maintenance done. Let’s see how that works out for now…