Music education in Sausalito…

I am so for this:

Computer program key in teaching music to kids / Sausalito composer, software company unite to bring lessons to school

Using a smaller keyboard of 49 keys — instead of the usual 88 — plugged into a computer monitor, the 18 students progress at their own pace through 30-minute lessons twice a week — enough, Arden said, to give them the benefits shown to accrue from music training.

Those benefits include improvements in spatial-temporal reasoning, pattern recognition and other skills crucial to learning math and science concepts, according to studies at McGill University in Montreal, Auburn University in Alabama, UCLA and others reported in journals such as Nature and Early Childhood Research Quarterly.”My goal is not just that they get some exposure to music, but that they get some musical skills,” Arden said. “And also some sparks, some joy from this.”

I’m a strong beleiver in music education. From years and years of being involved in music programs for kids, I’ve seen very strong beneficial aspects of how music training can shape a young mind. From developing strong mental aptitude for learning mathematics, all the way down to just giving a kid something to do after school, music training can make the difference.

And I definitley want this program in my kid’s Kindergarten… πŸ˜‰