A corpse kicking itself

I found it heartily amusing today to learn that California Governor Candidate and Dot-Bomb Gazillionaire Bill Simon was forced to backpedal on his accusation that he had a photo as proof of Gov. Gray Davis accepting a campaign contribution check in a state office – an illegal act. It turns out that the photo was not taken in a state office as Simon had alleged, but was simply taken in the home of the man making the donation.

Oh my god. What an idiot. I mean, you’d think the guy would have had the story checked out before going public with a slanderous statement like that. This is like a bad sitcom.

When asked how he was sure the picture depicted a capitol office, he replied: “I’m not the tribunal here. It’s not our job to verify this evidence.” OK, so I would say that it indeed is your freakin’ goddamn job to verify the evidence before making a complete public jackass of yourself, don’t you think?

I would say that this goes down in history as one of the stupidest political blunders of all time. If this guy wins more than 5% of the vote this November, I will be shocked and deeply concerned for humanity.