Telegraph op-ed on Taiwan

Good one:

Telegraph | Opinion | Stand by Taiwan

Such crassness is to be expected from a government that, without consulting the people of Taiwan, first advances the absurd proposition that the island is part of China and then threatens to use force if it formalises its de facto independence. It is scandalous that most of the world accepts Beijing’s fiction.

However, the recent declaration by America and Japan that the security of Taiwan is a common strategic objective sends a salutary warning to Mr Hu that any attempt to invade the island would have wide repercussions.

Chinese aggression towards Mr Chen is a prime source of instability in East Asia. Containing it should be the subject of much greater international concern.

I watched Lien Chan’s speech on TV just now. My god that guy is selling out Taiwan over there — blatantly referring to the DPP as an illegitimate government, and he claimed that reunification with China was the will of all Taiwanese, which we all know is pure fiction. Right there in front of all those people at Beijing University, Chan did serious damage to Taiwan’s democracy. The audience ate it up though.