Pimped out

Pimp My Safari is a site dedicated to featuring plugins, hacks, and extensions to the Safari web browser. Kerim wrote about this site the other day and, being a fan of some of the key Firefox extensions, I went to go check it out.

For some reason, I didn’t click with the Saft plugin. I uninstalled it after only a couple of hours use. Just a personal thing I suppose, but the type-ahead-find feature didn’t quite work as I had hoped. I could never see in the page the text I was typing, and Firefox lets me press return to acivate a selected link.

WebDevAdditions looked interesting. I haven’t installed it yet because it isn’t anywhere near where the Firefox Web Developer Extension is. But I’m going to keep an eye on it.

I did in fact jive with the SafariStand plugin. I’ll probably keep that one installed in Safari for now. I love it actually. The code coloring is rudimentary but way better than the default of nothing. But the best thing about the code window is the addition of the Apply, Revert, and Reload buttons. Very cool. Also love the Copy Title function and the Show Page Info dialog. All in all quite a helpfull little addition to pimp out my Safari with.