Need more storage

I have too much crap on my computer. Again. This happened last time.

If I want to install Tiger, and iLife ’05, I am going to need several more gigabytes of space. I am hovering between three and four available GBs right now, but I keep having to clear out dead wood, archive old projects, and force myself not to succumb to the sins of Halo and World of Warcraft

And so again we get to delve into the process of selecting a new replacement hard drive and installing it.

Since I’ve already been inside the PowerBook, I am sure it’s going to be a pain. The foil covers, funky screw gaskets, popping off the F keys, and odd screw lengths are going to be fun to keep safe and sorted out. At least since I’ve been there before, I know what to expect.

I am thinking of either an 80GB or 100GB drive at 5400RPM to replace the default 40GB 4200RPM drive that this machine currently has. Toshiba has one with a 16MB buffer. I have no idea what that would translate into in terms of real world performance increases, but it sounds like at least something to research. My last replacement drive for my old 500 MHz PowerBook was a 40GB/5400 RPM IBM TravelStar, and the performance increase over the old default 4200 RPM drive was immediately noticeable – I’d say a 10% to 15% boost right away. It was quieter, too.