Change is Coming

Change is coming:

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I have been using WordPress at work for some collaboration and info sharing projects and it has been a huge hit. I found the thing very easy to install and customize. I like it so much that I’ve been considering switching this very weblog here at to WordPress. Today that conversion process begins.

The basics of WordPress are very compelling: PHP/MySQL foundation, valid XHTML out of the box, a dead simple installation process, and very tweakable under the hood. It’s a nice lump of clay to work with.

A desired new feature is how it handles the comment process:

First we’ve made everything much more secure by default using a new option we call “emergent registration” or “automatic whitelisting.” What it does is the first time someone comments they are automatically held in moderation unless you’ve approved something from them before. This means that your regular visitors don’t have to wait for you to manually approve each comment they make, thus slowing down the conversation, but you still can ensure that a drive-by comment vandal will never show up on your site.

I’ve never liked using comments or trackbacks. The one flirtation I had with this yielded nothing but comment spam, and I turned it off almost as soon as I had activated it. This new feature in WordPress may bring comments to this weblog finally.

Probably my favorite new feature is this:

In addition to all of the features above, we made significant improvements and optimizations to core pieces of WordPress code, following our “Code is Poetry” mantra. Amazingly, if you remove the extra templates we ship with now, this release of WordPress is actually smaller than 1.2, despite adding dozens of new features. Our testing team gave the code a thorough workout too — hundreds and hundreds of bugs have been fixed since 1.2.2. WordPress is now leaner, faster, and more secure then ever before, and we’re committed to continuing that trend.