Extreme Hassle

After more hassle than should have been required for Apple hardware, I finally got my new Airport Extreme network set up and configured. I thought oh, it’ll be painless and easy so I’ll just forego the Linksys box and get an Airport Extreme Base Station and an Airport Express to get full coverage through the house. Well trying to configure the thing manually was an exercise in futility. Copying the settings over from the old base station proved to be useless. Finally I gave up after several wasted nights and tried the setup assistant. I haven’t used a setup assistant in years, rather opting for the more direct approach, but in this case I didn’t know what else to try. I reset each base station to factory settngs and let the assistant set them up from scratch. And what do you know? After using the idiotic assistant, the damn things work.

The nice thing about using the Airport Express is that I have a couple of spots in the house where I would really enjoy sitting with my PowerBook, but the signal can be real weak or non-existent. These spots include the living room loveseat, the kitchen table, and the front porch. Yingwen’s iBook never had a problem with those spots, most likely because the iBook’s plastic case seems to interfere much less with the signal than my PowerBook’s all-aluminum enclosure. The Express fills out these spaces wonderfully.

The next step is to get AirTunes working with the Express remote, and to plug in the old USB printer to the Base Station. But for now it’s nice to kick back in the living room and pull in some data from the air.